Plasticoil Binding

Our multi-binding machines allow us to collate multiple sheets at the same time, then staple and fold these sets into the brochures, manuals, and booklets you require to make your presentation everything you need it to be.

Saddle Stitched Books
Books are scored and folded, then two center staples are placed in the mid point of the sheet. You can order books up to 40 pages (10 sheets) including the cover. Books may be printed with all paper the same thickness, or you may choose a heavier paper for the cover and a text weight paper for the inside of the books. This is the most common stitched book.  When designing your file, please create one multiple page pdf file. If you have a 24 page book, send up a 24 page file.  All pages should have crops and 1/8" bleed, so please do not save your file with spreads. 

GBC Bound Books
GBC binding has been one of the most popular binding types due to its versatility. When setting up your file, simply send one multiple page pdf file with crops and bleed.  As with our other booklets, no spreads please.

Plasticoil Books
Plasticoil books are a great option when you need your pages to easily flip and stay open. Manuals, cookbooks and training guides are often printed with plasticoil binding.  We offer black and white coil, and have clear and navy coil for some sizes. We can easily trim plasticoil to smaller sizes as needed.   Setup is simple and similar to setting up a wire bound book.

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